basically the year of me that no one want. but trust me it is not a bad year, at all.

i finished my school with honored.
i graduated.
i got a job.
and obviously i am survived.

walaupunnnnn 2016, banyak berlaku benda yang aku taknak berlaku. tapi yaa, masih menjadi antara tahun yang paling digemari la orang melayu kata. hehe. so yeah, i learned a lot. people, love, life. selalu ingat; when everything fall apart, know that there always a time yang semua benda will be place by itself.

time cure everything. yang penting sabar.

and yup.

2017 already begins,

lets smooth this year with good deeds. spread the positive vibe people. apa apa yang terjadi, learn from it. cry whenever you want to cry, lepastu bangun. and move on. okay?

cheer up! everything is fine :)

xx, kyra.

How I wish

I wish everything is fine and not to be complicated (everyone wanna it to be that way --- siapa taknak semua benda smooth dan baik-baik aja. kan?

happen to be, everything that i have been through adalah sangat sangat wow, you dont wanna see em (serious talk) i keep em by my own. no one know. nahh, dont feel like tellin people. till then, i kept this one thinkin like "okay, lets do this. never regret!"

im fine, just fine.

i wish everything is normal. so normal and easy to get (but where the adventure will come if semua benda senang nak dapat. kan?)


biasa biasa aja nentang waktu itu. ga apa apa, ntar juga biasa.

till then,
learn every part of it. no regrets.


Never mine, I'll be just fine.

"Maybe it is not a happy ending. 
Maybe it is just a story"

Maybe for us leaving is not a choice. Maybe it is a destiny that we had to face with. Maybe He want us to learn and to forgive what ever it takes. 

Maybe everything happen have a reasons. Maybe He wanted me to learn on how to be god damn strong when things does not works as what I want. 

I am not regret on what happen. Ill never regret with my decision before. I promised to myself, I wont be regret. I learn a lot though. I promised Ill be just fine. I wont be depress, I wont let myself suffer, I wont left anything that I have. 

I promised. 

Ill be just fine. 

everything happen for a reason

you know, when you keep believin something and you wished it will going to be true someday and its turn to be not for today, thse feeling haihh sakit sangat rasanya.

im the ordinary person. who live with family, takde ramai kawan plus i build up my own journey only with a few supports which comes from family and from my friends (who actually friend and not the friend-friend type)

tapi, tak kacau orang pun hidup ni boleh jadi tunggang langgang. i dont know, maybe ada at certain point yang I sendiri underestimate kehidupan orang lain (padan muka aku lah kan) so I bet apa yang jadi ni kira macam akibat la orang melayu kata. heh. sakit sial, I cant even imagine this wud be hurt like this.

as for now, bila dah jadi macam ni. mestila kau nak berdoa for a good things. betul tak? betul la. nak impian jadi kenyataan. harapan, setiap manusia ada. eventho you dah tak boleh nak nampak dah harapan tu. tu la gunanya doa.

dahla, aku takde point tak borak apa.

this misery, cepat cepat lah pergi.

cepat lah pergi.

tolong ah tolong

Enjoy your stay

"It’s Friday night
I know you’re excited to see me
I’m quite excited to see you too
Like magic you appear out of the blue
And surprisingly I have quite a heart for you
But behind this cheeky little smile that you love
A problem I don’t know if you can bare
Don’t say I don’t warn you baby
It’s time you know what you’re heading to

I can be quirky, I can be lame
I can be playing all those silly games
I can be a mess you think you can get through?
I can be a trick and I can be a pain
I cna be a raining on your sunny day
I like to fight over a small issue
But when I love, I love with all my heart
It’s been like that from the very start
Oh baby, with all things that I say
I hope you enjoy your stay
Hope you enjoy your stay "
well its actually weird bila ada lirik lagu yang kena dengan diri sendiri sendiri or masa yang tengah awak lalui. this songs was actually played by daiyan trisha (enjoy your stay). by this time, lagu ni memang obviously kena la kan. hahaha tah pape shakirah ni
but still la, suara & lagu si daiyan ni pun memang jenis catchy. so macam takde reason why nak kata "ew, seriouslyyyyy lagu apa teww" tahla. tengok orang jugak kot. macam lagu lagu 70 an ke 80 an ke rock kapak ke lemau mat dengar lagu centu. ceh, acah urban kaww je shakirah 
tula orang kata selera orang tu berbeza beza. tokkkkonnnlah nak judge citerasa orang camtu je kan, haha k dah takde point. kbye