basically the year of me that no one want. but trust me it is not a bad year, at all.

i finished my school with honored.
i graduated.
i got a job.
and obviously i am survived.

walaupunnnnn 2016, banyak berlaku benda yang aku taknak berlaku. tapi yaa, masih menjadi antara tahun yang paling digemari la orang melayu kata. hehe. so yeah, i learned a lot. people, love, life. selalu ingat; when everything fall apart, know that there always a time yang semua benda will be place by itself.

time cure everything. yang penting sabar.

and yup.

2017 already begins,

lets smooth this year with good deeds. spread the positive vibe people. apa apa yang terjadi, learn from it. cry whenever you want to cry, lepastu bangun. and move on. okay?

cheer up! everything is fine :)

xx, kyra.