Enjoy your stay

"It’s Friday night
I know you’re excited to see me
I’m quite excited to see you too
Like magic you appear out of the blue
And surprisingly I have quite a heart for you
But behind this cheeky little smile that you love
A problem I don’t know if you can bare
Don’t say I don’t warn you baby
It’s time you know what you’re heading to

I can be quirky, I can be lame
I can be playing all those silly games
I can be a mess you think you can get through?
I can be a trick and I can be a pain
I cna be a raining on your sunny day
I like to fight over a small issue
But when I love, I love with all my heart
It’s been like that from the very start
Oh baby, with all things that I say
I hope you enjoy your stay
Hope you enjoy your stay "
well its actually weird bila ada lirik lagu yang kena dengan diri sendiri sendiri or masa yang tengah awak lalui. this songs was actually played by daiyan trisha (enjoy your stay). by this time, lagu ni memang obviously kena la kan. hahaha tah pape shakirah ni
but still la, suara & lagu si daiyan ni pun memang jenis catchy. so macam takde reason why nak kata "ew, seriouslyyyyy lagu apa teww" tahla. tengok orang jugak kot. macam lagu lagu 70 an ke 80 an ke rock kapak ke lemau mat dengar lagu centu. ceh, acah urban kaww je shakirah 
tula orang kata selera orang tu berbeza beza. tokkkkonnnlah nak judge citerasa orang camtu je kan, haha k dah takde point. kbye